Recently YouGov polled UK businesses who are already more productive because they have embraced the use of mobile and remote working technology. The total sample size for the study was 3,638 – 1,020 senior managers, 542 employees and 2,076 consumers. Among most it was conducted that businesses in both the private and public sector, had benefited by moving away from the shackles of the 9-5 working mentality. The study found that businesses embracing the “Anywhere Office” approach are working smarter and more efficiently than before. These businesses are empowering their staff by using technology like smartphones and tablets integrated with on-line collaboration tools and mobile software, thus helping them to work smarter and be business ready for a flexible world.

“Companies challenging the norm of the working day by maximising the benefits of technology are enjoying greater business efficiency with devices alone saving businesses 9.4 million hours and £2.2 billion per week”

Mobile working, is all about making your business ready to work smarter, and helping it to do more with the technology that is available to it, often the technology you already have. By offering a flexible way of working, at a time that suits your employees, you will have a happier, engaged and more productive workforce.

Embrace mobility? I would be happy to engage with your business to develop a fully managed mobility solution, that will get you working with the right devices, customised applications and secure your data.