Mobile connectivity when it matters


Stay connected with DB Comms' 4G and 5G mobile broadband.

Next day deployment

DB Comms can deploy 4G connectivity in 48 hours or less, ideal for quickly linking up home workers or remote sites without the hassle of traditional broadband installations.

Expand your network

DB Comms' mobile coverage reaches more than 97% of the UK, so you can expand your corporate network without negatively impacting the user experience of your remote team. We recommend your use the Ofcom Checker to match your locations against the best network.

Business Continuity

DB Comms' 4G backup solution helps businesses avoid unnecessary broadband failures. It is designed for businesses that want to stay connected, even when their primary broadband connection goes down.

Key Points

  1. Use Mobile Broadband whilst you wait for Broadband or Ethernet install
  2. Automatically Failover to Mobile Broadband during an outage
  3. Business enabler – remote working, home working, pop up shop or office
  4. Mobile Broadband can be a permanent solution with traditional broadband is too slow
  5. Add a public static IP address or incorporate into your Multisite Network
  6. Add mobile broadband to your 4G or 5G Tablet, Dongle, MiFi or Router