Fibre Ethernet


Feed your creative minds with a dedicated data connection – 10MB up to 10GB

Always-on connectivity

Our Internet Leased Line solutions offer a dedicated, and ultrafast connection with low latency to support crystal clear Voice and seamless transfer of Data and Video. Naturally, this can all be configured with a range of instant fail-overs, to support your business continuity and give you peace of mind.

Scalable Connectivity

For example, if your business has 20 employees, you could begin with a 10/100Mb/s – meaning you would have a dedicated 10MB Upload and 10MB download bandwidth capacity – then your business could increase to a maximum of 100/100MB/s as you require the additional bandwidth.

Consistent Speeds

Uncontested connectivity, your businesses bandwidth is reserved exclusively for your use – even during peak usage periods. A Leased Line, is delivered directly into your premises via a fibre bearer, commonly this will be a 100MB/s bearer, although this can be a 1GB/s or even a 10GB/s bearer.

Faster Upload Speeds

Leased lines are symmetrical, meaning 50MB bandwidth would deliver the same high upload and download speed. This type of connectivity will easily support multiple users, devices, VoIP, terminal services, online data backup, video conferencing, server hosting and the sending of large files – all at the same time!

Benefits of Internet Leased Line

  1. Quicker install times
  2. Free Standard Install
  3. Inclusive Managed Router
  4. Ultrafast connections 10Mbps to 10Gbps
  5. Dedicated connection, fully uncontested
  6. 99.995% Network update
  7. Low latency
  8. Resilient and Secure
  9. Local and National Coverage
  10. Single-site, Multi-site and MPLS facing circuits
  11. 5 Hour SLA
  12. Local, helpful, dedicated support