Say goodbye to legacy and hello to SIP

Cost savings with SIP trunking

SIP trunking is providing businesses in the UK with a cost effective and feature rich alternative to traditional ISDN services. Given that ISDN services are scheduled to be phased out by the year 2025, it would be safe to assume that SIP Trunking deployments are going to become commonplace in businesses of all sizes.

SIP Trunking is flexible and scalable

SIP Trunking connects a business’s phone system to the telephone network via a broadband or ethernet connection. SIP Trunking is future-proofed, it is fast becoming the default standard to connect a phone system to the outside world. SIP is also quicker to install and provision and adapt – as standard SIP delivers an extremely robust business continuity solution. SIP trunking is ideal for businesses that are moving, upsizing or downsizing & who want to keep phone existing numbers.

Built-in Business Continuity

SIP trunking can help a business keep communications flowing during emergencies, allowing your business to operate as normal. An example of this having a second site that phone calls could automatically failover too, or you can divert specific numbers or groups to any destination you please.

Compatible with Skype® for Business

Our SIP trunks are integration tested and approved to interoperate with Microsoft Skype® for Business, without the need for any additional equipment, like a Session Border Controller – thus providing a cost-effective way to directly connect to the platform to make external calls.

Key Points

  • Save money with SIP vs. expensive on calls charges and line rentals on ISDN
  • FREE UK Local, National and Mobile Calls
  • Instantly scale from 2 SIP channels to 1000 SIP channels
  • Direct connect to JANET network (the network dedicated to the needs of research and education in the UK)
  • In built business continuity for resilience and peace of mind
  • Advanced call features like CLI Flexibility, Caller Display and Direct Dials as standard

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