IoT-enabled Mobile Broadband with a Fixed IP Address


DB Comms is an experienced multi-network IoT & M2M managed connectivity services provider that supports the transportation, logistics, and manufacturing industries

Make the Internet of things yours with DB Comms

DB Comms can help you make the internet of things yours with our range of mobile data SIMs and fixed IP data SIMs. Our SIMs can be used to route data to any web-connected device, giving you the power to control and monitor your IoT devices from anywhere.

Mobile Control

Our mobile data SIMs and fixed IP data SIMs can be used to provide mobile control for a wide range of applications, including building management systems, CCTV, solar panels, heating systems, servers, routers, and data centers.

Mobile Access

Our SIMs can also be used to provide mobile access to multiple devices, such as software applications, databases, VoIP phones, LAN networks, and other resources. This can be helpful in the event of a connectivity outage, planned maintenance, or when working at a remote site.

Secure mobile connectivity

For added security, we can lock down and control the internet access of a business user or specific device. Our IP SIMs can also be incorporated into a managed VPN using private IP addresses, so that your data traffic is securely delivered to your own corporate network.

Key Points

  1. Global Data Roaming Solutions
  2. Fixed, Steered and Un-steered Data options
  3. Aggregated Data Plans
  4. Flexible Contracts
  5. Private APN
  6. Fixed IP Addressing
  7. Public IP Addressing
  8. Empowering Business Transformation
  9. Centralised management portal
  10. Enabling IoT ready devices