Get ready to do business with Cloud Voice

As we move towards the ISDN / PSTN Voice Switch in 2025, we need to start migrating services from traditional Phoneline-based Telephone Systems to a Voice over IP (VoIP) based option that utilises the internet to make and receive phone calls.

Using the internet for your calls, not only future proofs your business, but it can help it to gain a competitive advantage. You can then start to transform the way you communicate with your customers and your colleagues, by integrating voice, video, chat, collaboration, and contact center functionality into a single platform.

Cloud Voice

Featurerich Phone System, in the cloud, zero CAPEX, instant deployment!

SIP Trunking

Replace ISDN – save up to 50% on line rental and up to 25% on calls.

Virtual Meetings

Immerse yourself in your virtual video and audio meeting room and conference call bridge

Direct Routing

Add Telephony and Advanced Call Management to your Microsoft Teams Deployment

Customer Service Driven

Great prices are worthless without an equal level of service – that’s why we have a dedicated switch and support team who will be your point of contact for support every step of the way, meaning our support team will learn about your business and be able to offer meaningful support and service.

Service Continuity

Don’t worry, in addition to the hassle free service, by switching to DBComms the only change you’ll notice is to your bottom line. We keep all your phone numbers the same as we have porting agreements with all major suppliers, we offer a complete end to end transfer service, we manage everything to ensure a smooth transition and zero downtime.

Simple, cost effective, yet bespoke

We meet the demands of all sized businesses, from single user offices to multi-site retailers, we have the products and skill set to enhance your businesses communication, collaboration, and efficiency. Our all-encompassing service means you can finally have all aspects of your business communications managed centrally by one telephony partner.

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