Business Broadband


Reliable Business Only Broadband

Business Grade Broadband

We specialise in Business Grade Broadband and our network partners have a “business only” policy meaning the network provides the performance and resilience that business broadband users demand. As you would expect with a business-only service, we offer our customers range unlimited services and the choice of adding static IP addresses individually as standard or in blocks

Flexible Connectivity

Our business broadband portfolio, includes ADSL, ADSL2+, Annex M, and LLU Broadband, Fibre, EoFTTC and VoIP Broadband. Having this broad range of business broadband solutions allows us to provide connectivity for any type of user or business location including Small Offices, Home Workers, Retail, Back-up connectivity and Commercial or Guest Wi-Fi.

Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)

For FTTC to work the Fibre is installed into the local cabinet, that serves your home or business. This is then combined with the copper cable from the cabinet to the premises, by using VDSL technology we can deliver much faster speeds over shorter distances, meaning that headline speeds up to 80Mbps downstream are possible using existing analogue lines.

Reasons to Work With Us

  1. Business Only Service
  2. Service Reliability
  3. Value for money
  4. UK based support
  5. Range of IP Addressing options
  6. Wires only or Managed Router options
  7. Perfect as a back up connection