Hosted Voice | From cost savings to business transformation

7th December 2017
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Why now? Business telephony services and telephone systems have changed significantly over the past few years and they continue to evolve, breaking down some of the barriers of traditional solutions for business transformation.

Traditionally, organisations had a phone line for making calls and an internet connection for things like email and internet browsing. A phone service would have been tied to a geographical area via the local telephone exchange, making deployments for multi-site businesses cumbersome and expensive.

Now, companies can deliver their voice services via their existing internet connection using IP Voice capable products such as SIP Trunking or Hosted Voice. Both can be deployed globally wherever an active internet connection is present, meaning various locations can be linked seamlessly via one, unified system.

The business case for these IP Voice services has been so compelling that over 45% of UK businesses have now adopted

Most businesses will be familiar with ISDN phone line and PBX Phone System, but with BT announcing that they will switch off the traditional ISDN network, in 2025, lots of businesses are looking to stay ahead of the curve working towards business transformation, and are evaluating alternative voice services sooner rather than later.

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