ISDN & PSTN Switch off

15th December 2020
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Without breaking in to song, we are on “The Final Countdown” towards the UK switching off its Digital Phone Line Network. This means businesses will no longer be able to use Phone Systems or Featuring that use either ISDN or PSTN to make or receive calls.

This has been known for a few years now, but as I write this piece, we have less than five-years until WLR is withdrawn completely. From September 2023 businesses will be unable to buy new or additional ISDN and PSTN telephone lines, then in 2025 all Analogue and Digital Lines will be switched off completely. All customers will have to be migrated to a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution, VoIP is more cost-effective, easier to manage and more flexible, it is available in a number of flavours.

Change can be a challenging thought, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that our businesses are resilient and we can adapt to change, whether that be remote working, trading restrictions or health and safety practices.

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Our moto is “Business Comms Simplified” we aim to guide your business from A to B through the path of least resistance,  We will work with your business, initially taking time to understand your challenges and requirements, meaning we are then able to design and deploy the solution that best fits.

We can advise on the three main flavours VoIP (Cloud Voice, SIP Trunking or Direct Routing), the products you chose will be based on your specific requirements taking into consideration existing systems,  staff size, office locations and any future growth or digital transformation plans you may have for the business

For a few, this is the first time you have heard about this “ISDN Digital Switch Off” or indeed you have not yet started revieing your options, there you have three good reasons not to worry:

  • We have enough time to swap
  • The benefits and cost savings far outweigh the hassle of changing
  • We are here to advise every step of the way

We are here for you should need any advice about how the “ISDN Digital Switch Off” will affect your business, please take our short survey and we can start helping you plan for the future