How can cloud connectivity enable better business, for your business

26th November 2021
Reading time < 2 minutes

With Broadband or Connectivity now being seen as the fourth utility, its availability, speeds, and robustness of service are critical in running a modern-day business.

Most of these businesses are consuming many of their critical applications from the cloud, which is also where they’re storing their data. Using applications like Office 365, Amazon Web Services, and G Suite to name a few – everything from crucial business communications and telephony to file storage to the timesheets system can be hosted, are you? #CloudReady

All of this means that connectivity is a critical enabler for business. To support an ecosystem of cloud-based services and infrastructure, your customer's requirement for robust and well-engineered data services cannot be overlooked.

How can businesses succeed with the cloud:

  • Improved Scalability – Pay as you Go Services that can easily flex to meet the changing demands of your business
  • Improved availability of service – Cloud services typically has robust backup measures in place to mitigate any service loss, meaning that companies can rest assured there will be no crippling downtime.
  • More manageable costs - Most cloud applications are monthly subscription services, meaning that businesses can better manage their costs and only pay for what they need
  • Save on maintenance and energy – by moving to the cloud you don’t have to purchase, maintain, or power expensive hardware, systems, or servers
  • Increased Productivity – instant access to all your information in one central location which reduces the time to find vital information and offers improved collaboration throughout an organisation
  • Be ready for Remote and Flexible working - with applications now optimised for browsers, mobiles, and tablets, it’s much easier for businesses to access their professional applications wherever they are, and on whichever device they have to hand.

Embracing cloud solutions will ultimately allow your business to provide a better service to end customers, whether that’s by delivering more convenient digital experiences or developing compelling products and services. Making your business #CloudReady will be a business enabler resulting in better-connected customers and colleagues.