Get Digital Scotland

3rd August 2023
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The Client

Get Digital is set up to help increase the digital capabilities of service users and staff within the homelessness sector. They do this by providing training, support and resources. They want people affected by or working in homelessness to experience an improved quality of life by benefiting from the digital world.


The outbreak of the Coronavirus has led to a greater reliance on digital for many of our daily activities: from socializing with friends, managing finances or finding reliable information on health,
the latest news and updates from the government.

Digital has never been so critical to our lives. Social distancing and self-isolation has reduced our ability to communicate face to face. There are many ready-made digital communication tools to help us stay in touch. Email, messaging, and/or video tools are essential in the current climate to reduce social isolation and for people to access support. These tools are vital to help us to connect with the people and organisations in our lives.

What DB Comms did

DB Comms are the first provider of the necessary technology & equipment needed to support this campaign. To help promote digital inclusion, DB Comms has provided handsets and ensured that mobile broadband is accessible within temporary accommodation for those experiencing housing issues during this difficult time.

Outcome for Client

How will this help the project users…

  • Reducing isolation and maintaining face-to-face contact during social distancing
  • Ability to stay in touch with friends, family & support worker through instant messaging apps
  • Up-to-date information about Covid-19 advice and access to NHS website
  • Find updates on the latest news that are reliable and up-to-date from sources as BBC news and the government websites
  • Providing contact with homelessness providers, social services, banks, landlord and emergency support

“DB Comms have been extremely helpful, responsive and supportive of this project. They have enabled
us to quickly deliver digital access to the people we support. This will change lives.”

Jamie Trout, Digital Inclusion Programme Manager