DB Comms improves productivity and security for Glasgow Sculpture Studios

1st August 2023
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The Client

Glasgow Sculpture Studios is a third-sector arts organisation located in the heart of Glasgow, providing 39 individual artist studios and project spaces for rent. The organisation had a shared WiFi network, which was causing a number of issues for the tenants including poor performance, security risks and reduced productivity. To address these concerns, Glasgow Sculpture Studios enlisted the services of DB Comms.


The existing shared WiFi network was presenting a number of challenges for tenants. The network had poor performance, leading to slow internet speed and dropped connections. Security risks were also a concern, as tenants were sharing the same network, increasing the likelihood of cyberattacks. Furthermore, productivity was reduced and tenants struggled to access the internet and use online tools.

What DB Comms did

DB Comms installed a new fully managed WiFi network, which involved installing individual access points in each of the 39 studio and project spaces. Each space was equipped with its own access point and SSID, built on its own private VLAN. In addition, each space was given a wired LAN, which was on the same VLAN as the WiFi providing each tenant with a private, secure wireless and wired data network.

Outcome for client

The new WiFi network provided a number of benefits for tenants, including improved performance, increased security and enhanced productivity. With each tenant having their own access point, internet speeds improved significantly and connections were no longer dropped. In addition, the private VLANs ensured that each tenant had a secure network, reducing the risk of cyberattacks. As a result, tenants were able to work more efficiently, using online tools and accessing the internet without interruption.

DB Comms was able to address the challenges faced by Glasgow Sculpture Studios by installing a new fully managed WiFi network. By providing each tenant with their own access point and private VLAN, the new network improved performance, security and productivity. Glasgow Sculpture Studios was pleased with the results and is now able to offer studio holders a high-quality WiFi network, enhancing their overall experience at the organisation.