Super fast 5G rollout begins, coming soon to Edinburgh

Superfast Mobile 5G comes to Edinburgh

EE will launch 5G in 6 cities on the 30th May5G has long been discussed as the next generation of mobile technology, the service will be capable of delivering speeds 10 times faster than 4G, whilst being more reliable in […]

DeeBee Gigabit

Government slashes value of Gigabit Broadband Voucher

As an accredited supplier of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, we received an up yesterday announcing that due to high demand the Gigabit Voucher will be reduced from £3000 to £2500. This change comes in to effect at 17:00 on […]


How to Stay Connected in a Cloud Dependent World

The growth of the cloud The number of businesses relying on cloud storage solutions has rapidly increased in the last five years, with half of all IT spend going on cloud storage during 2018.[1]  The trend is set to continue […]


How much money is your phone system costing you?

It’s a safe bet that your business uses multiple methods of communication every single day. From email and instant messaging to phone calls and video, customers of today expect to be able to contact you in a way and at a […]


Unified Communications

What is it? Unified Communications is more than a passing fad. When designed, implemented and managed properly, a Unified Communications solution will continue to develop and deliver real benefits to your business; improvements in productivity, collaboration, customer service, flexibility and […]

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