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Raising service standards, increasing discount and providing increased control – Win, Win, Win!

Bespoke Tender Service

In a deregulated water market the quickest saving can be made by driving down your retail charges. We will conduct a full tender exercise and secure a discount on water management fees immediately. We will never recommend a supplier on price alone and already have a pretty extensive block list for suppliers who’ve failed to meet the service standards we expect a deregulated water market should deliver. Our DB Water procurement process challenges licensed providers to provide responses over a number of areas which we align to your own requirements. Example areas are listed opposite.

Tough Questions

This scrutiny, accompanied by our knowledge of the market, ensure that we obtain the lowest cost achievable whilst establishing that the successful supplier has the credentials required to service your water requirements. We ensure that driving down the retail cost doesn’t come at the expense of trained, competent staff! Once a suitable supplier has been selected, we will build your KPI’s and the suppliers tender response into a service level agreement linked to your supply contract, this delivers you real power over your supplier and provides you with the strength to remove a supplier who doesn’t meet the standards agreed.

Regular Reviews

After the SLA is agreed and the contract awarded we will arrange a kick off meeting and agree timescales for switching. We track these transfers until every single last site is transferred into your new supplier’s remit before finally agreeing a timetable of contract reviews fully supported by DB Water’s team.

Key Points

  • Staff Competency: From customer services to the external field team
  • Account Management: For when you need someone to talk to
  • Innovation: How suppliers can help support your wider business goals
  • Data Management and Billing: Billing systems used, and payment methods accepted
  • Metering: Reading frequency and accuracy
  • Switching Process: Exploring the systems suppliers use
  • Measurement and Verification: Identifying and interpret consumption data

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