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Managing more than just water bills

Full Water Management

At DB Water we look after more than our customer’s water bills. Our technical services team carry out water audits across site in order to identify various interventions which will reduce your water consumption, and spend, across site.  These audits will look over all aspects of billing, water used, and waste water generated in order to identify opportunities to deliver better value for your business.

Too much (or too little) can be a bad thing

Be it dealing with a flooding situation or water shortages we’re on hand to provide you with the resources needed to resolve. From arranging Jetvac units to come to site to remove excess flood water or arranging alternative water supplies to site. We’re on hand to support you through any emergencies.  When you are faced with emergency situations arising from water on site, we’re on hand to provide you with the options to resolve. We can then record each event on your site plan in order to chart developing patterns as well as a knowledge store providing you with all the history of situations on site, as well as the remedial actions taken to resolve.

Don’t leave it too late

We’d prefer that rather than waiting for an emergency to arise, provide your company with some risk contingency and give DB Water a call today. We can start to pull together a water management plan and look at arranging audits and site details. Get in touch with DB Water and we can start to help formulate your businesses water plans.

Key Points

  • CCTV Surveys: Full tilt CCTV drainage survey
  • GIS Mapping: Plotting your water network and assets
  • New Connections and Meter installations
  • AMR: Automated meter readers
  • Water Recycling: Rainwater or production water
  • Flood Response: Jetvac Tanker Units
  • Alternative water sources: For supplementing services on a longer or short-term basis
  • Effluent and Wastewater treatment
  • Sub Metering: Helping record your usage in designated areas
  • Contingency and Risk Planning
  • Water Saving Devices: Supply and Installation

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