Our Siteworks division is modeled upon delivering a multi-utility solution complimented with exceptional project management, covering a host of services UK-wide. 

Having managed more simple projects all the way through to complex networks, we have met many challenges head-on and have built lasting relationships with suppliers, distribution network operators, and engineers.

We aim to simplify the Siteworks process, liaising with our partners on your behalf and to project manage the solution from the initial application through to the finance, installation, and delivery stages of your project.

What can start off as a straightforward re-energise can often grow into something much more complex?  This is where DB Group excels within our structured approach to Siteworks management, taking the stress away from your everyday workloads and allowing our environmental team to discuss the next steps of your project with your local network providers.  

For those new to Siteworks and who may not be familiar with the terminology and process, we have provided our FAQ’s where we have expanded upon the services listed below, and included many more, giving you a clearer understanding of what is included for each service.

If you have any questions and wish to discuss a Siteworks project, please contact us via our dedicated email address:  siteworks@dbgroupeurope.com