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Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

SECR (Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting) was introduced in April 2019 to replace CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) with a focus on data collection and reporting energy data for large organisations.

Similarly to ESOS, the SECR criteria is below where large companies need to meet two of the following:

Over 250 Employees

Annual turnover of 36 Million Pounds

Balance Sheet more than 18 Million Pounds


Below we have provided a scope of works example of the varying stages of SECR:

Company Qualification Assessment DB Group will assess the site’s organisational boundaries, e.g. the operations/activities that constitute the company for the purpose of SECR reporting. This stage will also determine the company’s organisation type and structure to select the appropriate approach for consolidation of energy data and GHG emissions (control or equity share approach).

Gap Assessment on the Baseline Data Set

DB Group will request a comprehensive list of supplies for the site, e.g. gas and electricity supplies, combustion of gas/fuel in stationary and mobile equipment and transport (company cars and fleet vehicles on business use, personal/hire cars on business use, onsite transport, etc.).

This will enable us to identify the operational boundaries of the business, i.e. the type of activities/supplies/sources associated with energy consumption and emissions, to categorise them into these scopes of accounting and reporting (Scope 1, 2 and 3) and to determine the type of activity data to be collected in Key Stage 3.

Data Gathering / Calculation of Energy Consumption and Associated Emissions

Based on the results from Key Stage 2, DB Group will send a data request to gather the required energy consumption data. A sample of this data will then be checked to identify any significant data gaps, errors and request any missing information, if required. As part of the data request, will also gather suitable intensity metric data.

Once available data is provided, it will be inputted into a data calculation spreadsheet to calculate the site energy consumption, related GHG emissions and intensity ratio. Missing data identified will be estimated using appropriate estimation techniques and any metric conversions to kWh and tonnes of CO2e will also be undertaken. 

SECR Submission Report

DB Group will provide an annual reporting template to complete using the data calculation results from Stage 3 and to include in their SECR submission. Once completed, the draft report will be reviewed by DB Group and comments provided (where applicable).

DB Enviro have partnered with Mabbett who will help report your scope 1 & 2 returns throughout the complex mandatory scheme.

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