Supplier Management


DB Group manage properties for numerous firms as well as many commercial landlords – where we arrange and manage utilities contracts on their behalf.  At DB Group we work with you and your existing utilities supplier in order to ensure that your business obtains the best value from your existing or new agreement. We’ve been in the energy market for 21 years and have grown to become one of the leading energy consultants in the UK. We provide impartial, independent advice – we are fully on your side.


From managing your portfolio and ensuring all bills are correct in conjunction with alerting you of consumption concerns and providing options to resolve. We are here to support you throughout and advise on all aspects of utilities use and billing. Providing you with the comfort and knowledge that these supplies are in the best of fitness and that you always have someone you can turn to, whenever required.


This service can be utilised immediately following our bespoke procurement process or even midway through your existing contract. If you have a problem or would appreciate our support to help review and optimise your utilities supplies, please get in touch with DB Group and we can begin planning how to make these supplies and suppliers work harder for you

Key Points

  • Dedicated Account Management: a face to the name, no generic mailboxes, working for you
  • Bill Validation: systems identify, analyse and resolve errors by carrying out over 100 separate checks
  • Query Management: escalation and management through to resolution of issues directly on your behalf.
  • Portal: a multi-site client can access their full portfolio in one online portal including document management per site.
  • Budget reports: analysis of spend, consumption, ROI project reports, site level usage, portfolio review, regional variances and forecasts and more.
  • Site works: we provide the full install and sign off for your property any infrastructure upgrades i.e. cabling, pipework and meters etc.
  • Smart Metering accurate, real time metering leading to actual invoices, consumption behaviour patterns at site or estate level.

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