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Welcome to our PMC+ service, designed exclusively for property managers and consultants managing a large portfolio of buildings.  Incorporating all aspects of business utilities management, PMC+ allows property managers to focus on managing their property portfolio fully backed by DB Group’s expertise in providing a full end to end solution for utilities management. Serving the full of the UK we pride ourselves in proving a full ‘take it off your hands’ service, providing management information and regular reporting/updates; this really is the must have product for those responsible for managing multiple supplies over a wide geographical area.


Providing support and facilitating tenant recharges, additional credit terms, procurement and full supplier management. Get in touch with DB Groups property team to find out how we can help you save energy, money and the time associated with managing your properties utilities.

Key Benefits

  • Extended Credit Terms:Longer credit terms to help allow for tenant recharges and collection
  • No security deposits: PMC plus voids the requirement for firms registered offshore to pay security deposits upfront for their utilities requirements.
  • Bill validation: All bills independently verified and validated – over 100 billing separate billing items checked.
  • One Line Portal: Access to full portfolio via our online portal – featuring both water and energy.
  • Team of experts: From our business development team to account Managers, energy trading to risk management, pricing analysts to operation support and even environmental
  • Budgeting/Forecasting: DB Group can provide budget advice across your portfolio as well as forecasts for both consumption and spend.
  • Tenant Recharges: We have specialist services to assist with tenant recharges and recovery.
  • Tailored procurement strategy: Bespoke to you, help us understand what you need and we’ll provide independent recommendations
  • Account Management: Not just sending a few emails, but looking after all your meters and sites proactively
  • Compliance: Advice and reporting available to provide and support with, or undertaken off, your obligations to report for SECR, ESOS and CCA.

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