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Procurement Strategy


We will establish a procurement strategy based on your requirements & provide recommendations based on our knowledge of the industry, suppliers, and different product types.

From early discussions with you- we will seek to understand your risk appetite, also other factors such as green energy and by analysing and delving into your operations and consumption information the best contract type and duration for you.


From our experience, we understand that the best way to help clients is reducing costs, and this is based around how much energy you use and the pence per unit of rates you will pay for this energy.


Our expert knowledge will guide you through the different contract types available and we will tailor a plan to suit your individual needs.

The available options are:




“By using our backgrounds as energy traders and wholesale market analysts we look to time the purchasing of contracts and the most opportune moment< to secure the best rates in line with the agreed procurement strategy”
Tim Partridge – Head of Trading & Operations


Key Benefits

  • Understanding: We are here to listen and advise accordingly
  • Tailored strategy: bespoke to you, help us understand what you need and we’ll provide independent recommendations
  • Team of experts: from our Business Development team to Account Managers, Energy Trading to Risk Management, Pricing Analysts to Operation Support and even Environmental
  • Account management: not just sending a few emails, but looking after all your meters and sites
  • Data analysis: getting right down into your consumption a half hour at a time where possible to reduce those unit rates
  • Information: plain and simple, like, when’s the best time to buy and what duration should I go for?
  • Budgeting: know your spend
  • Forecasting: are you prepared for commodity and non-commodity cost rises?

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