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DB Group’s Energy Reports are highly regarded within the industry. Our reports reach across 20 countries covering crude oil markets, European carbon, and wholesale energy markets. Alongside, weather factors, all of our reports strip down to the value info intel and provide insightful analysis in an easy to understand manner.

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There is a lot going on in the energy industry, and we know you want reliable, clear information that can be trusted right at your fingertips so you can concentrate on the important decisions. Our Energy Trading & Risk Management team monitor, analyse and report on the energy markets and have been quoted in national news publications so you can be sure of their credentials. We keep you up-to-date through reports delivered to your inbox at a frequency that suits you, at a level you can really understand to help you make business energy decisions by:

  • Analysing European and UK gas and electricity prices through the day, as well as US and European oil, carbon and coal markets
  • Accessing bespoke weather modeling and trend analytics as well as industry supply data
  • Relaying pertinent global political and economic factors, as well as currencies
  • Keeping up-to-date and informing you of key government and industry policy and regulation changes

We use the same information when we talk to clients and give roadshows, educating clients and partners who are in the industry, rely on us for energy procurement and regulatory advice

Get the information that’s relevant to you, so please look through the energy reports that are available:

  • DAILY ENERGY UPDATE – This would be most beneficial for Energy Manager’s in need of constant market tracking, those, perhaps, looking to place Flex trades or even those in the energy industry and wanting to see what’s going on the in wholesale markets
  • WEEKLY ENERGY UPDATE – Produced in the first week of the month for the previous month, a look at what’s happened at a higher detail than the Daily Energy Update and what’s coming up in the future and perfect for FM and Procurement managers as it specifies Business Energy and Annual Contract information
  • TRIAD ALERTS – Get notifications of potential Triad periods into your mailbox on the morning of the day in question. Low, medium and high confidence is provided, as well as times. *Runs 1st November to 1st March every winter.

Once you sign up for the Daily or Weekly Updates, you will receive our AD-HOC reports as well.

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