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Flex Baskets

DB Group proudly offer basket procurement for our lower energy usage customers to help them save money. Basket purchasing gives lower usage energy customers the chance to access all the benefits of a flexible contract otherwise unavailable to them, by pooling their volume.

How Does It Work?

Fixed contracts have all the cost elements locked in for the duration. In contrast, flexible contract customers have sight of the direct energy cost and any additional costs can be fixed or passed through at your discretion.

The energy is bought throughout the contract period, meaning you won’t be putting all your eggs in one basket.

The primary purpose of basket procurement is that DB Group will trade your energy on your behalf, so if prices go down so will your rates.

Is basket Purchasing For Me?

Joining a basket, to pool your total energy with other customers with similar usage, allows you to enter into a flexible contract which allows better rates through our trading screen.

You receive all the benefits of a flexible contract that would be otherwise unavailable with a fixed deal for low energy usage.

What Are The Risks?

Baskets and flexible contracts allow you to buy your energy in the market when it is cheaper than when you could have locked into a fixed contract. With this type of energy supply, you can relax when the market price goes up, knowing you’ve already bought your energy at a low rate; you could even sell it back to the market and save even more money!

You are also in control of your contract length by choosing your start and end dates. You will only ever pay for your usage, not anyone else in your basket.

DB Groups’s Energy Trading & Risk Management team, with over 16 years experience, will be working on your behalf to ensure you have the best rates possible throughout your contract.

Keeping You Up To Date

As a basket member, you would receive regular trade performance reports, letting you see a clear picture of what is happening in the energy market and where your bills sit in comparison.

To make it simple, we have set up specific baskets for both gas and electricity for the following sectors:

  • Education
  • Retail & Commercial
  • Food Industry

To find out if you qualify for basket purchasing, or to learn more about becoming a basket customer, contact our team.

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