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Our Traders know when it’s best to get prices off suppliers, to ensure you get the best rates as gas and electricity contract values change every day. They will advise you on the best contract length to go for too, as we analyse both the wholesale markets but also different suppliers prices.

DB are independent so we will go out to all the suppliers we can to make sure you get competitive rates and let you see the results after we have checked them for accuracy. When dealing with suppliers sometimes quality is better than quantity.

We will look after your quote from start to finish for you, whether you have Half Hourly, Non-Half Hourly or a mixture of meters and send all the paperwork to the suppliers on your behalf making sure it’s correct.
We’ll also keep in touch while you are in contract to make sure there are no nasty surprises when it comes to renewing, manage your account and any issues you have with suppliers and offer recommendations for the future.


Depending on what you want we can look after other services for you; be it change of tenancy administration, bill validation to make sure you’re getting the right bills from your supplier or helping you manage consumption. Please get in touch if you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them.

Key Benefits

  • Budgeting: you know what you’ll be paying, whether you go for 1 year or longer!
  • Safety: if market prices go up you’re protected for the duration of your contract, and your rates won’t rise
  • Extend: at any time to take advantage of longer dated prices if that suits you
  • Hands off: once signed your contract will run for the duration and shouldn’t need any further involvement
  • “RISKS”
  • Locked in: If market prices fall your fixed rates remain for the contract duration so may end up paying higher
  • Timing: prices change daily, so if the market maybe lower the day before or after you sign so you need reliable, trustworthy market analysis to hit the right day
  • Length: depending on market prices there is risk in going for either a short or long term contract if the market then drops
  • Above the odds: to ensure they aren’t out of pocket if either commodity or non-commodity costs go up, a supplier will typically add on 5%+ of the retail costs to cover rising market levels

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