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Energy Contracts


    A fixed contract is the same for electricity or gas, when all the cost elements of a contract (commodity and non-commodity) [Visit our page here for the different types of NCC] are lumped together in a unit rate, and you are shown a total price.

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    Pass Through

    Applicable to both Fixed and Flexible energy contracts, a ‘Pass Through’ contract is just the way the Non Commodity Cost (NCC) element can be priced. NCCs are now the majority share of your unit rate, making up between 60-65% of the charge...

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    Whereas a Fixed contract has all the cost elements locked in for the duration, including the commodity or energy element, a Flexible contract does not have the energy part factored in when the contract is signed.

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    Flex Baskets

    DB Group proudly offer basket procurement for our lower energy usage customers to help them save money.

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Do you know your fixed from a flexible? Were you told the definitions years ago and not got time to investigate the differences now? Some energy managers we talk to do, some don’t. We understand, you are very busy people, many plates juggling and spinning.


It’s our job to know the industry inside and out, only that way can we recommend a product that’s really right for you. Our experts are more than happy to talk you through each contract type, whether that’s an overview or really in depth.


DB Group can provide a fully fixed contract which includes all charges relating to your energy supply including the wholesale energy cost, transportation & distribution costs & any government taxes & levies (excluding VAT & CCL – Climate Change Levy) for an agreed term at a fixed agreed rate across the contract term. For more info please go here


Probably best described as a partially-fixed contract in that, while you agree to a fixed price and to purchase your energy consumed, not all rates and charges are paid for upfront and so will be added to your bill on an ad-hoc basis (at the appropriate rate agreed at the time). For more info please go here


A flexible contract is the opposite of a fully fixed contract. Using internal and external systems DB Group will monitor prices achieved and manage risk thusly; greater risk can yield greater savings where market moves are advantageous to the current position. For more information please contact our energy trading team or for more information please see our blog detailing the potential risks and rewards of a flexible contract. For more info please go here

  • Expertise in all contract types: we cover all types so we can ensure you understand all the options
  • Knowledge: we want to understand your business, and can identify the contract for you based on our knowledge of the different products
  • Independent advice: we want the best for you, and aren’t under pressure to sell any particular type or to a particular supplier
  • Analysis: we take the time to understand your consumption, appetite for risk, budget requirements before recommending

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