• Energy Procurement

    DB Group have developed strong relationships with all major UK energy providers alongside agreements with specialist independent commercial energy suppliers to ensure we are able to provide maximum market coverage when negotiating supply agreements for your business.


    We offer a wide range of value add services and go much further than your traditional brokerage by procuring; and delivering the following services alongside strong Project Management.

    Supplier Management

    Successful management of water requirements, freeing up your time to focus on other areas whilst we manage your water supplier and maximise value.

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  • Water Procurement

    The quickest saving can be made by driving down your retail charges. DB Group will conduct a full tender exercise and secure a discount on water management fees immediately.

    Water Management

    DB Group will take on the management of your water supply and use across your business.

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  • Voice

    Crystal clear voice calls for any size of business, with custom built solutions that work for you.


    Lightning-fast broadband speeds to keep your business ahead of the competition.


    Extend your office into the outside world with mobile plans that allow you to work anywhere.


    Hosted Email, Collaboration Tools, Email Security and Office 365.

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