Internet Connectivity in the modern business

7th December 2017
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The reliability and speed of a business’s internet connectivity plays a pivotal role in its productivity and efficiency’s.

In today’s digital world, nothing is ever fast enough, no sooner had 4G began rolling out and people had started talking about 5G. Businesses desire to communicate and get answers instantly – real-time collaboration is now the norm. The growth of the internet has allowed E-commerce to revolutionise the way we promote and sell our products and services.

The use of “The Cloud” in business is massive, many business have used hosted email services like Hosted Exchange, Office365 and Gmail for years now, and are hooked on the anywhere, anytime, any device mantra these products live by.

Businesses are now eager to exploit the cloud’s – always on availability for other aspects of their business, like data storage (Box, SharePoint, Gdrive), Business Software (CRM such as Netsuite, Sage and Salesforce) and of course IP telephony (SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX).

Without scaremongering – it would be very safe to say that without an internet connection that modern businesses would grind to an abrupt halt!

So given that modern businesses depend on being online, it may seem strange that many of these organisations seem happy to select their broadband package on price alone – strange but true

Certainly, the advertising of broadband products for the residential market – with its fixation on monthly price, will have an effect on the mindsets of businesses when it comes putting a value on these products and services. One thing to consider is it might be inconvenient not being able to stream a movie at home, but if you couldn’t get access to telephones, email or internet at the office it would be slightly more of an issue.

I have prepared a proper summary of the options available for your consideration, when connecting your business to the internet. I have explored the differences between Broadband and Ethernet and give you some food for thought to consider why buying a cheap package could prove to be a false economy.

If you comment below I am happy to send you a copy the review: Broadband v Ethernet: The importance of Internet for the SME.

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