What type of work is included within Siteworks?

  1. What do you understand by the term Siteworks?
  2. Who would you go to for Siteworks?
  3. What type of work is included within Siteworks?

The DB Group Siteworks Division is the answer to question 2 and we can also help with questions 1 and 3.

Siteworks can include utility projects both underground and overground.  By utilities I mean Electricity, Gas & Water connections for commercial buildings.  Whether your site is a new build and requires new connections or an existing building looking to increase electricity and gas capacities, our Siteworks division can support you through what can be a complex application process.

The type of work undertaken can vary so if you are looking to arrange a live or dead gas check, thinking of installing billing or sub-meters or a property manager looking to increase the KVA to make the unit more attractive to new tenants then Siteworks will be your destination.

The benefit of coming to DB Group is that we are aware of the challenges that a Siteworks project can bring, and our role ultimately is to ease the burden for our clients.

Siteworks Projects tend to grow arms and legs.  What seems a straightforward project such as a re-energisation can throw in a curveball as until we investigate the background of the site we have little knowledge or understanding of the existing setup.

  • Are the fuses in place and is there a meter?
  • Is the supply single-phase or looking to upgrade to three-phase
  • and what KVA is required?

DB Siteworks ensure that a full project review is carried out at the beginning of the project to cover all bases which allows us to create a project plan for the work.

Our Siteworks Team has built long-lasting relationships with Energy Suppliers, Distribution Networks, and Contractors.  We work alongside them on a daily basis on all types of projects big and small.  This relationship proves to be invaluable.  Knowing who to call helps determine any issues that may arise which in turn allows us to mitigate any risk to the project completing on time.

With most Siteworks projects, property developers are under enormous pressure to complete the project on time, and often when our Siteworks teams are involved is a little further down the line than we would prefer.  With the clock ticking and tenants ready to accommodate the building, getting a meter installed or property re-energised can sometimes be a longer milestone to achieve.  For example, a new meter installation (supplier dependant) can take up to 12 weeks to arrange. But as previously mentioned due to DB Siteworks having good relationships with suppliers, we are able to work with them to try our best to meet customer expectations.

Currently, our Siteworks Stakeholders consist of Property Managers as well as Direct Clients from sole traders to larger organisation, although we are open to help and taking the burden of Siteworks away from any commercial sites, which in turn will allow them to focus on other projects within their remit.

Still unsure of what Siteworks is then please visit our website where we have a list of FAQs that can help to answer more of your questions. Siteworks Intranet Page.