Superfast Mobile 5G comes to Edinburgh

EE will launch 5G in 6 cities on the 30th May
5G has long been discussed as the next generation of mobile technology, the service will be capable of delivering speeds 10 times faster than 4G, whilst being more reliable in busy locations, it will also cater to today's "always on" generation by offering near-instant connectivity to the web when opening apps, websites or powering IOT devices

Where is 5G available
So later this month (May 2019) EE will launch its own 5G service in 6 UK cities to include London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, Birmingham and Manchester, the list does not stop there, the rollout will continue to Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Bristol later in 2019.

Game Changing
5G will offer 10x faster speeds than 4G - for consumers streaming high res video seamlessly or downloading a box set in seconds will become the norm. Whilst in a business scenario 5G will support bandwidth-hungry offices as part of a DR/ failover solution or direct alternative to Ethernet connectivity.

Better connection in busy environments - in places like stadiums, city centers, train stations or airports 4G mobile signal can sometimes get saturated, the 5G network with its broader range of frequencies will offer faster speeds with lower latency - even in busy places.

IoT Enabler - as IoT devices/assets require far less resource, this means huge numbers of assets/gateways can connect to a single mobile base station, which will reduce costs and increase efficiencies. The move to 5G will enable IoT improvements, which could help with all kinds of services to develop, including the likes of Smart Buildings, Asset Tracking, Smart Lighting, Logistics and much more!


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