How can mobile influence your business?

Over the past decade, mobile phones have seen an astronomical rise in popularity. It’s reported that there were 62.86 million mobile users in 2021, with this number expected to surpass 65 million by 2025. Most people can’t go the day (or minute in some cases) without checking their notifications or catching up on social media. With changes coming to ISDN/PSTN network, it’s no wonder people are considering a mobile approach.

As a business, mobility opens a more diverse way of working, something that’s advantageous in today’s changing world. It allows you and your employees to be contacted, wherever and however they need to be. Like always, there are options and it is vital that choose the right solution for you, your employees, and your business.

1. Tariffs can range from PAYG, Standard, Shared, or Aggregated

2. Network – Some networks have different perks or bundles that might fit your way of working better, so it's important to figure these out to make sure you have the most rounded solution.

3. Coverage – There are 4 main network operators in the UK, O2, Vodafone, EE, and Three, luckily, we can offer service on all 4 networks, and we can mix and match the account to make sure you have the right coverage in the right areas – when you need it most.

We are completely network agnostic and can even move you between networks mid-contract. We aim to work with you to find the right solution. Whether that’s an individual plan for each employee or a shared plan where users can all tap into a pot of data, we will find out what works for you and suits the needs of your business and its most valuable asset – its employees.

One thing we find when businesses opt for the mobile approach is that still want to have a “main number” or a Landline number so that they have still have that professional appearance, luckily we can integrate any mobile extension (via an app) into our Cloud Voice solutions, meaning you can have a mixture of office and mobile-based used across your company all using the same phone system to communicate.

Paul Farrell, DB Comms Account Manager, is happy to take some time to review your current plans and make sure you have the best available tariffs or indeed talk to you about any new connections/or integrating with your phone system. Please feel free to use this link to book a meeting and we can start the conversation.