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Managing your businesses water needs, saving you valuable time and money, 3 key steps to ensure your glass is never half full

  • Supplier Management

    Supplier Management

    At DB Group, we successfully manage the water requirements for a number of clients. This service frees up your time to focus on other areas whilst we manage your water supplier in order to maximise the value obtained for your business.

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  • Water Procurement

    Water Procurement

    In a deregulated water market the quickest saving can be made by driving down your retail charges. We will conduct a full tender exercise and secure a discount on water management fees immediately.

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  • Water Management

    Water Management

    DB Group will take on the management of your water supply and use across your business.

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We will reduce the time spent on management of your water bills
  • Consolidated billing: Receive a single monthly bill for all sites.
  • Easy site transfer and changes: Whether its bringing across new sites or managing site changes.
  • Bill validation: Bills reviewed and checked with any issues resolved directly.
  • Application submissions and bill resolution: Leaving them free to focus on other areas.


Key is unlocking your costs, and we have clear plans to support you hit that target
  • Drive down retail charges: Conduct a full tender exercise and secure a discount on water management fees immediately.
  • Audit programme:  Which is tailored to their goals and objectives to identify other cost reduction opportunities
  • Implement Water Management Plan: A detailed plan on how to reduce water consumption and drive down your other water costs.


 We manage your portfolio effectively and make sure that we keep consumption, and costs, under control
  • First class customer service: Account, billing and technical support all coordinated through our account team
  • DB Group alert service: Tailored alert programme so we can alert potential issues and provide options to resolve
  • Portfolio managed: Regular reviews to ensure no surprises, up-dates on regulatory changes, performance against KPI targets, etc.

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