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Lower your Consumption, Lower your Cost

At DB Enviro we will provide FREE on-site observation surveys to audit your building(s) and identify opportunities to help with compliance, energy saving & energy generation projects. Our in-depth audit will include a report featuring a detailed understanding of your building and illustrate innovation which will help you to deliver internal drivers.


One Point of Contact

DB Enviro has carefully chosen a global network of partners to strengthen our approach to energy management.  Our partners have been selected due to their market intelligence and are highly respected and regarded by our regulators and peers.  Working closely with our partners brings a single source of knowledge to deliver confidence, accuracy and experience to each project we complete.


Delivering Funded Product Solutions

Through our observation surveys, we will recommend a bespoke and tailored approach to implement a suite of environmental innovations. Which will help improve CSR, reduce consumption, reduce cost and deliver compliance such as MID Metering, ESOS, SECR or ISO accreditations. DB Enviro offers a holistic approach to energy management, through researching, recommending and implementing the best solutions and funding models to meet with your requirements.

Key Benefits

  • In control: measure, reduce & manage your utility spend and environmental infrastructures
  • Peace of mind: ensure you're compliant with government legislation
  • Accuracy: improve billing and reduce complaints with AMR & Mid Approved Metering
  • Health check: understand patterns of consumption and reduce costs with a building audit
  • Optimise: energy efficiency projects managed end-to-end by a single point of contact
  • Futureproof: projects and technology fully scalable and easily updated for the lifecycle of your project

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