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Utility Bureau Services


We provide utility bureau services to continue to work with or as your energy manager. Our range of products are designed to save you time, money and effort in your energy management goals on a net-zero sustainable

Depending on the required product and/or service, we have experts available to ensure we approach the issue correctly and work with you on the desired outcome.

  1. Utility Bill Validation
  2. Metering and Billing
  3. Tenant Re-billing
  4. Change of Tenancy
  5. Data Management

Key Benefits

  • Understanding: We are here to listen and advise accordingly
  • Tailored strategy: bespoke to you, help us understand what you need and we’ll provide independent recommendations
  • Team of experts: from our Business Development team to Account Managers, Energy Trading to Risk Management, Pricing Analysts to Operation Support and even Environmental
  • Account management: not just sending a few emails, but looking after all your meters and sites
  • Data analysis: getting right down into your consumption a half hour at a time where possible to reduce those unit rates
  • Information: plain and simple, like, when’s the best time to buy and what duration should I go for?
  • Budgeting: know your spend
  • Forecasting: are you prepared for commodity and non-commodity cost rises?

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