Procurement & Tendering

The energy market has so many different tariff options to choose from, taking the time to choose an energy supplier and contract structure which work for your business can, understandably, be an overwhelming task. DB Group clients are assured of securing innovative and value-driven solutions.

Make your energy contracts work harder for you…

How can we support you with your energy procurement strategy?
At DB Group we like to take the time to understand your business and it’s objectives so that we can recommend the right energy procurement strategy for you. The timing of going to market with your portfolio is critical, so while still looking closely at contract value, we look beyond cheapest price and instead focus on managing risk. No matter what approach you take, our goal is to reduce uncertainty and provide support throughout the process, be it handling supplier relationships, dealing with queries or analysing your energy consumption data.

A dynamic and agile business is one that can react quickly to take advantage of market fluctuations and respond to changes in client needs. At DB Group, we’re not just pro-active but quick on our feet – if energy prices drop, we’re on the case. If they rise, we’ve already got your back.

Protection from Market Volatility

If you need to be protected from market increases and have budget certainty in advance of your contract commencement, then a fixed approach to procurement is likely your best option.

Flexibility and Risk Management

If you want to take advantage of lower market prices and avoid costly increases, then adopting a flexible procurement approach. With the support of DB Group’s expert team of risk managers and traders, this could be the option for you.

Increased Purchasing Power

If you’re looking to increase your purchasing power and access the wholesale market through a group purchasing solution, then a collective purchasing approach could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Key Benefits

  • Expert daily advice on energy markets
  • Full range of fixed or flexible purchasing options
  • Clear market overview of supplier pricing
  • Get the best contract for your business including suppliers T&C's
  • Increased buying power through DB Energy's portfolio
  • Save time with DB Energy managing your energy portfolio

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