We offer a wide range of value add services and go much further than your traditional brokerage by procuring; and delivering the following services alongside strong Project Management.

Lower your consumption, lower your cost….

At DB Group, we provide investment grade energy audits to determine, prioritise and deliver viable energy efficiency and generation projects. Our in-depth audits provide our clients with a detailed analysis of which technologies will offer the most suitable return on investment.

One Point of Contact

Our global network of partners offers a route to creating our approach, approved technologies, cost, carbon savings and compliance. This enables us to become a single source of knowledge, offering peace of mind to our clients.

Delivering Funded Product Solutions

Each plan is bespoke and tailored to our client’s building’s suitability, whether driven through their own CSR, legislation such as CRC, ESOS or aspirational ISO 50001 accreditation. Our holistic approach to energy management and reduction, aided by our ability to offer various funding options works to alleviate any concerns from our clients around the validity of any product or process we are recommending to them.

We never fit a product to the client, we always strategically fitting the client to the product.

Key Benefits

  • Measure, reduce & gain control of your utility and environmental infrastructures
  • DB Group will help our clients to comply with government legislation
  • We will improve billing with AMR & Mid Approved Metering
  • We can health check your building to understand patterns of consumption
  • We offer demand side response advice
  • Help you understand the benefits of renewables
  • Identify funding models & government loans schemes
  • Optimise your building to strive for energy efficiency
  • Futureproof the project to protect our clients

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