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DB Group’s ESG Statement 

Our response is to review our client’s property investment portfolio to ensure that they have the most support and understanding of their energy use, how this can be improved during their ownership phase and how they can help both the properties as well as their surrounding community reduce its carbon consumption and the overall impact on the environment. As a family-run business, we have always maintained a view to future generations and safeguarding our future business concerns for a developing world.

The recently increased focus on ESG has led DB Group to create a 7-point plan to help property managers, owners, and investors. During the ownership phase, to reduce costs and liabilities whilst increasing revenue through higher rents and reduced voids.

This increased focus also provides an opportunity to showcase attributes that have been part of DB Group’s environmental focus throughout our 25-year history. Whether this is ensuring the well-being of our employees with fitness challenges, walking meetings, and recently being recognised as a living wage employer. 

As a market-leading utility consultancy, we have already reduced our carbon consumption by 60% and have pledged to meet our Net Zero target by 2040.

    Energy Efficiency Surveys

    Carried out at our customers properties to advise them on better understating their utilities uage

    EV Charging Points

    We offer a wide range of value add services and go much further than your traditional brokerage by procuring; and delivering the following services alongside strong Project Management.

    Market Advice

    Over 2000 signups to our market reports

    Waterless Urinals

    Making sure that spending a penny doesn’t cost the earth.

    Charity Partners

    Multiple charity partners including : Social Bite, SAMH and Age Concern

    Net Zero Pledge

    Platinum Future Net Zero certificate gained and a net zero commitment by 2040

    Targeting and Monitoring

    Our platforms installed and used across 100 of properties to measure energy, use, spend and the associated carbon.

    Webinars and Podcasts

    Delivered across various industries helping our customers understand their energy use better.

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    Who are we?

    DB Energy has a dedicated in-house team of trading and pricing analysts who utilise daily market information. This is coupled with their expert knowledge to offer recommendations on the best time to tender contracts based on market conditions and trends. We have developed strong relationships with all major UK energy providers alongside agreements with specialist independent commercial energy suppliers, to ensure we can provide maximum market coverage when negotiating supply agreements for your business.

    Full pricing exercise and contract negotiations carried out with a range of suppliers who best suit the needs of any portfolio. We also have ‘Flex-perts’ with knowledge of Flex contract trading and pricing mechanisms.


    In the last 4 years, we’ve grown from just 3 employees to 32 employees and have a multi-million £ turnover. With this success, we have delivered fantastic savings and reduced a lot of industry uncertainties for our Clients. With a collective experience of over 50 years in the Energy market, our experts are ready to lend a helping hand. Our Client base is spread UK wide and covers Private; Public; Retail & Manufacturing sectors.

    What we do

    DB Energy specialises in all aspects energy procurement with optional, added value measures available including monitoring & targeting, LED lighting, solar and battery storage.  With increasing energy prices DB Energy can procure the contract and further reduce your consumption through a unique set of tools and initiatives.  Our ethos is to build client relationships and offer the best value.  We are not trying to fit a product to the client, we are strategically fitting the client to the product.

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