Procurement Strategy


We are here to work either with or as your energy manager to ensure we keep costs down through a range of products and services that cover both Electricity and Gas contracts.

How do we do that? By meeting with you, and listening to what you have to say and what you need to achieve.


We don’t just offer you a product over the phone or email, we want to understand what you are trying to do be it budget certainty short term, reduce costs, lower carbon footprint or a long-term vision of all the above!

We look to establish a procurement strategy based on your requirements, and provide recommendations based on our knowledge of the industry, suppliers and differing product types. We understand different companies have different needs and aren’t trying to push you into a contract that isn’t right for you.


We really want to get to know your business so have a Pricing team that would analyse any consumption data you have to understand when and how you use your energy to see where we could add value, from this we can understand how to load shift to achieve lower unit rates if that is a priority. This impacts both fixed and flexible contacts.

We also analyse the energy markets as choosing the right day to buy or lock in that contract can help save.


Some customers are after advice and some know exactly what they want, and we are here to provide explanations about all the different suppliers and what they offer in their products, what we will do for you in terms of taking away the hassle but also negotiating the best prices. And don’t forget, if you want us to be, we’ll be with your throughout the duration of the contract not just when it’s time to sign a new deal.

Key Benefits

  • Understanding: We are here to listen and advise accordingly
  • Tailored strategy: bespoke to you, help us understand what you need and we’ll provide independent recommendations
  • Team of experts: from our Business Development team to Account Managers, Energy Trading to Risk Management, Pricing Analysts to Operation Support and even Environmental
  • Account management: not just sending a few emails, but looking after all your meters and sites
  • Data analysis: getting right down into your consumption a half hour at a time where possible to reduce those unit rates
  • Information: plain and simple, like, when’s the best time to buy and what duration should I go for?
  • Budgeting: know your spend
  • Forecasting: are you prepared for commodity and non-commodity cost rises?

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