Energy Procurement

  • Procurement Strategy

    Procurement Strategy

    We are here to work either with or as your energy manager to ensure we keep costs down through a range of products and services that cover both Electricity and Gas contracts.

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  • Energy Contracts

    Energy Contracts

    Do you know your fixed from a flexible? Were you told the definitions years ago and not got time to investigate the differences now? Some energy managers we talk to do, some don’t.

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Energy Procurement

DB Group have developed strong relationships with all major UK energy providers alongside agreements with specialist independent commercial energy suppliers to ensure we are able to provide maximum market coverage when negotiating supply agreements for your business.

Procurement Strategy Development

DB Group meet with our clients firstly, to establish an energy procurement strategy at the outset, taking into consideration any drivers specific to your organisation. Helping establish which product and suppliers will fit best with your company objectives and energy requirements.

Tender Process

Once instructed, DB Group will review your full site’s energy use and bills. We will then assemble these into a format suitable for tendering across our selected suppliers, defined by our pre-agreed strategy. We’ll then present the results of our tender exercise, accompanied by a suggested course of action and next steps for your energy requirements. Some typical contract examples are explained opposite.

After Sales Care

To us, the important part is ‘you’. We will be with you every step of the way before and after the contract is signed. We can check your consumption and bills, owning queries from start to end and always keep you up-to-date of opportunities to save money.


Make your energy contracts work harder for you…

Procurement tendering specialists: public sector, OJEU, multi-site, large-scale HH I&C or micro business, power or gas… we have experience in driving down costs
Supplier Relation management: direct access to the Big6, medium and small independent suppliers
Market Analysis & reporting: our reports feature in industry publications, so choose the frequency that’s best for you
Wholesale costs forecasting: our traders share their information and predictions
Non commodity cost & policy: these make up the majority of your bill and can be even more important than the energy costs
Product knowledge: we understand green offerings, PPAs, Fixed, Flexible & Pass through and find the best for for you
Energy Trading & Risk Management: we are happy to accommodate flex trading and risk products
Invoice analysis & validation: our 100 check system helps identify issues
Query management: dedicated account management means you know who you’re talking to – and they have escalation routes at the suppliers


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