Business Phonelines – Communication is King

Technology is constantly changing, but one thing remains constant – a business needs to be able to communicate with its customers and colleagues and typically traditional phone systems will be connected to either analogue or digital business phonelines.

Analogue Lines

Traditionally utilised as a standard business phone line and sometimes delivered as a Featureline or Multi-line. Analogue lines can be used for making and receiving calls from a basic analogue or PBX supplied with and Analogue Trunk Card. In addition analogue lines can be connected to a fax machine, a credit/ debit card terminal and/or with a broadband service to deliver data connectivity.

Digital Lines

These are also used for voice. They come in pairs (ISDN2) and 8 – 30 (ISDN30). They are connected to digital telephone systems, although can also be used to transfer data, sometimes used by recording studios to stream media. One of the features of ISDN is the use of a service called DDI. DDI is direct dial in, meaning that telephone extensions on a telephone system can have their own direct number.

Our Service

We can support all of these services for your business, as we utilise the Openreach network we are able to take over your existing lines and calls with a simple, fully managed migration. We promise no outages, no downtime and the potential to save money too.

Key Features

  • Tailored and cost effective line rental and call packages
  • Dedicated Account Management and Support
  • Business Grade Voice Services
  • Fraud monitor and usage alerts
  • Lower costs compared to BT
  • Free migration plan to SIP / Hosted, ahead of Analogue switch off in 2025

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