Fibre Broadband

Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)

For FTTC to work the Fibre is installed into the local cabinet, that serves your home or business. This is then combined with the copper cable from the cabinet to the premises, by using VDSL technology we can deliver much faster speeds over shorter distances, meaning that headline speeds up to 80Mbps downstream are possible using existing analogue lines.

Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet (EoFTTC)

EoFTTC delivers the same superfast speeds as FTTC, but with a dedicated bandwidth and Leased Line like performance at a fraction of the cost. An EoFTTC Circuit can be delivered in a number of weeks, and is a good step up for businesses who have outgrown ADSL for bandwidth, reliability or business priority and need to upgrade their broadband without breaking the bank. This type of upgrade lends itself perfectly to transferring large data files, using SIP for voice calls, running video conferencing solutions and accessing hosted business software applications.

Business Enabler

Web conferencing, video, audio, cloud and VoIP, are all fast becoming integral business solutions; the power, speed and reliability of Fibre Ethernet under pins these solutions and drives your business forward. EoFTTC is cheaper and installed quicker than EFM or Leased Lines, making it a sensible choice for business.

Future Proofed

Fibre Ethernet services can help reduce the cost of networking through convergence, while improving the quality of service (QoS) and customer experience. Our offering is built around scalability and flexibility, which was missing from legacy services. Our ethernet solutions are fully managed and we deliver a dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class environment for all your voice and data traffic.

Key Points

  • Business enabler- VoIP/Video Conf/Cloud
  • Effective remote working for home workers
  • Enable cost-effective access to SaaS and Cloud Computing applications
  • Lower call costs by taking advantage of SIP Trunking or Hosted Telephony
  • Up to 9 times faster downstream than ADSL
  • Additional bandwidth - improved connectivity for VPN access or as part of MPLS solution
  • EoFTTC Option
    • Dedicated bandwidth up to 20Mbps
    • Burstable downstream rate - up to 80Mbps
    • 7 hour fix
    • 24/7 monitoring and support

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