Voice Assured Broadband

Performance over everything

Assured Broadband is a dedicated IP Voice broadband circuit, and delivers up to 15 concurrent VoIP calls, whilst ensuring a guaranteed high-quality call and a cost effective price. For any business considering SIP Trunks or a Hosted Telephone System we always advise on an Assured Broadband Connection.

Managed Solution

Our Assured Broadband services are thoroughly tested and deployed with an Enterprise Grade Cisco Managed Router, this well-proven and reliable technology. We deliver the phoneline, broadband, and hardware as an on-net solution, featuring proactive, advanced monitoring and routing for maximum reliability and performance.

Call quality guaranteed

The voice calls / voice data packets are prioritised over our network – meaning your business can communicate clearly and confidently without fear of jittery calls, packet loss or latency. Oh and did we mention these circuits are completely uncontested, a 1:1 service with QoS (Quality of Service) prioritises your VoIP traffic over everything else.

Cost Effective

As we move towards ISDN being switched on in 2025, Assured Broadband makes moving to SIP or Hosted a very cost effective solution. Ideal for small businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage by utilising VoIP, similarly for established businesses VoIP offers great added features and good savings.

The benefits of Assured Broadband

  • Up to 30 Concurrent VoIP Calls
  • ADSL / FTTC Variants
  • Cisco Managed Router Included
  • Quality of Service
  • Free Static IP Addresses
  • Value For Money

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