How can you save money for your business by reducing water waste?

Water is often regarded as the forgotten utility when it comes to CO2 reductions, and the waste it can produce.

Why is water regarded as the forgotten utility when it comes to CO2 reductions?

With electricity and gas savings being much higher and easier to influence.

However, water can have the most devastating impact when it comes to leaks and floods.

Head of DB Enviro explains that “Washrooms are the first place I would visit to look for opportunities to save water more so in the gent’s toilets.  Urinals lead to unnecessary water usage especially overnight when the building is closed. For example, the controller or no controls still allow the water to flow through the cistern hence using water when there is no demand and increasing consumption and cost.”

Bryan McAlpine – Head of DB Enviro

What are the benefits of going waterless?

Introducing waterless urinals will help reduce water consumption and water waste. Not only that, it will help meet UK regulation and legislation helping reduce Co2 emissions.  Waterless Urinals also provides a better user experience and helps to eradicate any smells.

How can DB Enviro Simplify this process?

Exchanging a traditional water-based urinal for a dry waterless solution is a very straight forward process.  Whether we retrofit existing urinals by changing the pipework or we fully remove and replace the old urinal for a purpose-built waterless bowl, there is a solution to fit all washrooms. This will reduce water waste in the long run. 

For a retrofit solution, the existing urinal bowl is retained and retrofitted, leaving the bowl in situ, and replacing the pipework.  The waterless infrastructure is installed for as little as £100 + VAT per urinal. With a PPM contract built in to service the urinals every 13 weeks.

Alternatively, should you wish to remove the existing bowls and replace for new then there is a range of purpose-built urinals available.  The benefit of purpose-built waterless urinals is there is no cistern or water input therefore the risk of legionella is removed.

Waterless Urinals have a fantastic Return of Investment, with many clients recouping their costs within 1 year.

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What the benefits of converting the urinals from a wet to a dry system?

  • Reduced volumetric Water Costs
  • Reduced Wastewater Costs
  • Legionella Risk Removed
  • No water leaks or floods
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • No more smells
  • Increased User Experience