Monitor your energy effortlessly with our brand-new energy and environmental platform

We are delighted to announce our new flexible and easy to navigate IoT (Internet of Things) compliant energy and environmental management platform; Real-Time Online.

The wireless energy monitoring and targeting tool offers an affordable and sustainable method of data collection and energy management, and allows you to profile, benchmark and configure thresholds for expected energy consumption. The real time function means if benchmarks are exceeded an immediate alert is sent out.

Real-Time Online is an engineer-designed platform and highly user friendly, with intuitive purpose-built reports and tools provided as standard, delivered on your easy to use, bespoke company branded platform. 

The platform can collect data from more than just energy, and currently has over 35,000 IoT sensors, with environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, ammonia, Co2, UV and lux available to be monitored. Whatever you require for HACCP or audit criteria, this platform could be the answer.

To find out more about how our state of the art platform can help you combat rising energy prices and reduce consumption, cost and carbon call 01506 848848 and chat to our Head of Technical Services, Bryan McAlpine.