Implement Energy Change with DB Group & The Carbon Trust!

Calling all SME businesses! The Carbon Trust are offering incentives for your business to implement energy change now. With up to £5,000 capital contribution towards your energy saving equipment, this is a great opportunity to install energy saving projects.

The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust is an independent, expert partner of leading organisations around the world. The trust helps organisations, such as Low Carbon Workplace and Eight19, contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable future. This is implemented through carbon reduction, resource efficiency strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.

The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund

This is an energy efficiency support service for SME companies in England, Wales and Scotland. It provides direct funded support through energy assessments, training workshops and equipment procurement support. Furthermore, there is up to £5,000 capital contribution available towards your energy saving equipment purchase.

SME companies can benefit from:

  • Energy opportunity assessments
  • Equipment procurement support
  • Workshops
  • A financial contribution towards energy saving equipment

In line with The Carbon Trusts incentives, DB Group can offer LED supported products for projects. We are currently in the process of acquiring further accreditation for AM&T, LED, Solar products and more.

The Energy Technology List (ETL)

It’s also worth noting The Energy Technology List; a government list of nearly 17,000 energy saving products. Businesses that purchase products listed on the ETL can claim a 100% Enhanced Capital Allowance (tax relief).

Visit the Energy Technology List website for the full list of products  that are eligible for an Enhanced Capital Allowance and technologies supported by the scheme.

DB Group & The Carbon Trust

Don’t just accept increasing energy prices – DB Energy can help. We will procure your energy contract and further reduce your consumption through a unique set of tools and initiatives. We are currently in the process of expanding upon the products we can offer in line with The Carbon Trust’s initiatives.

Looking for more information and advice about bringing down the cost of your business energy bills? Interested in implementing energy change? Get in touch with us by simply calling 01506 848848.