Five ways to save on your commercial property bills

1. Making sure you’re up-to-date
Managing utilities means more than keeping an eye on the bills. You could have negotiated the best possible rates across all of your commercial property utility suppliers but could still be missing out on major savings. How? Well, that depends. How modern are your heating systems? How well insulated are your buildings? Are all of the lightbulbs you use the most energy efficient on the market? Do your water systems use the least water they could, or could they use even less? You’d be surprised how much you could save by taking a look at what you could afford to update.

We are working with a university who were driven to reduce water and wastewater consumption across the campus. Our environmental team has helped the university by installing 19 waterless urinals in 2 buildings. A saving of over 4 million litres of water per year. In addition to helping meet environmental targets, the initiative will save the university money, reduce maintenance and spillages, stop smells, and offer a more hygienic user experience.  Following the success of phase 1, the maintenance and energy manager is now looking to roll the product out across the remainder of the estate. 

2. Consolidation
There are a lot of businesses out there that have grown far faster than their owners ever anticipated. Whether it’s been through absorbing similar businesses, working in partnerships, or franchising, many businesses have multiple sites with multiple utilities suppliers. This not only creates a nightmare for anyone with the unenviable task of managing those bills, it usually means you’re not getting the best rate. The more business you give to one supplier, the more open they’ll be to come to the negotiating table.

DB Group often works with businesses to understand why they’ve got multiple providers and determine how we can help them consolidate. After reviewing the needs of the business and the offering from the suppliers, we then perform a full market tender and negotiate on the client’s behalf to get the right deal. We can then happily manage the utilities from that point onwards, so the client has one point of contact and no more nightmares.

3. Shopping around
Sometimes sticking with the same utilities supplier is the easiest option. You’re happy with their service, you’re okay with the cost, and you don’t want to go the through the rigmarole of finding a new supplier. Unfortunately, ‘easy’ doesn’t equal ‘best’ and some commercial property owners could be saving a fortune just by shopping around.  

DB Group understands the bigger the portfolio, the more time poor an owner will be, that’s why we’re happy to review and shop around on our client’s behalf. It’s not uncommon that we’ve saved tens of thousands of pounds for companies that didn’t even count shopping around as an option.

4. Reviewing what you’ve previously had
Sometimes DB Group will review what you’ve had for consolidation or shopping around – other times it’s good just to check everything’s as it should be. You’d be surprised how many times we’ve found the bills don’t match the meters. It’s rare that a supplier will knowingly take its customer for a ride, but mistakes do happen – especially when it’s covering multiple sites.

DB Group helps review previous bills, check everything’s as it should be and, if a mistake is found, we go to bat for our clients to ensure it’s corrected and they’re fully compensated.

5. Timing
Sometimes the best deals all come down to timing. Knowing when to end one utilities contract and begin a new one can be tricky but thanks to vast market experience, DB Group can make sure the timing is just right depending on the requirements a client has and the deal they’re after.

DB Group manages many private school energy contracts and recently saved a school just shy of £12,000 on their energy bill but as it was a rising market a difference of just 24 hours could have changed their saving so knowing the right day to lock in current conditions really is paramount.

Suppliers can be cagey about direct pricing, but DB Group will ask tough questions to get you the right answers for your commercial property bills.