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Talk Together – the simple Conference Calling solution

The Talk Together Conference Call solution offers a subscription-free, hassle-free conference calling solution. The solution can be accessed from any landline, mobile or voip phone extension, you do not have to install any software to set up the meeting or participate.

As the meeting organiser all you have to do is distribute the Talk Together Conference Call Number along with the Conference PIN and then the system intelligently routes all the callers together on to the same call… simple

For clarity, you create your own PIN number, you do not have to pre-register the PIN, just give it people you want to conference with and DeeBee does the rest.

Talk Together: For a quick and easy conference calling solution

  • Dial the number 01204 771 111
  • Enter a unique 6 digit pin
  • All Calling parties with the same pin number are joined together
  • No Standing Charges or Set Up Fee’s
  • Each party simply pays for its own call, which will be charged at a local rate, which is typically free or included within most minutes bundles.
Talk Together is ready to go, just dial the number and enter the PIN… simple

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