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What is MID Approval and why do you need it.

What is MID Approval and why do you need it.For a long time, gas and electricity meters only had to meet the 1986 Gas Act and the 1989 Electricity Act. But since October 2006 things have changed. What has changed?In […]


Buying By The Basket

We are delighted to announce the launch of our basket purchasing scheme; aimed at saving our lower energy usage customers money, this procurement method uses the power of volume to reduce energy costs. What Is Basket Procurement? Basket procurement is […]


Is a Flexible Supply Contract for you?

The majority of energy supply contracts in the market are Fixed Contracts. This means all costs are fixed for a set amount of time. Thankfully, the industry is changing and Flexible Contracts are becoming more available for all sizes of […]


Energy prices – 2018/19 Outlook

A DB guide to locking in your annual business rates At DB we continually monitor energy markets to have the latest information at our fingertips.  Our business energy customers benefit from our expertise and up to the minute knowledge, which […]


How can you combat the continuing energy price rises?

The news broke earlier this month that British Gas are hiking up their prices for the second time this year. From October, their Standard, Safeguard and Safeguard PAYG tariff prices will be increasing for both Credit and Pay as you […]

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