Robert Gordon’s College

The Client

Robert Gordon’s College, (RGC) based in Aberdeen is an Independent Day School established in 1750 and has a current roll of 1600 pupils and 300 staff and enjoys a high level of academic success. The College works with DB Water to manage all utilities.


DB Water provides consultancy services to RGC in the areas of telecommunications, energy and water. As DB Group has industry experts in each field, our client is able to have the confidence that these important areas of business spend are robustly managed and controlled.

What DB Water did

  • Leading the procurement exercise for a new IP comms system, which will bring improvement in unified communication and lowered cost to the school
  • Providing a fully managed energy procurement, bill validation and advice function to the school, ensuring that energy costs are controlled and minimised
  • Managing all of the school water accounts and supplies
  • Tracking energy and water expenditure against budget and reporting to RGC Director
  • Complex main telephone cable re-route undertaken within RGC premises with minimum downtime

Outcome for Client

  • Significant energy cost recoveries, over £100,000 identified after the refurbishment of the new Science and Technology Building.
  • Identifying wrongly allocated water accounts resulting in water rebate of £47,000.
  • Using our live market intelligence to enter the energy market at the correct time, DB Water delivered annual energy savings of nearly £32,000 against previous energy contracts and almost £96,000 savings over the full period of the contracts

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Since joining RGC in 2011 I have gradually extended our engagement with DB Water as our trusted utility supply chain adviser. This engagement has reduced rates, increased awareness of utility usage and is beginning to initiate and support sustainability initiatives across the school.

Mr Andrew Lowden, Director of Finance Robert Gordon's College

DB Water identified wrongly allocated water accounts resulting in water rebate of