Redwood Leisure

The Client

Redwood Leisure is the proprietor of multiple luxury hotels and restaurants in and around Dundee, including the Invercarse Hotel, Woodlands Hotel and Birkhill Inn.


Redwood Leisure’s utilities contracts for gas, electricity and water supplies were with multiple suppliers and not aligned to a common end date, a situation which many businesses find themselves in and very difficult to manage in-house. This created a host of problems with billing frequency and tracking invoices and inevitably led to incurring additional costs when utility supplies ran out of contract. Our client wished to eliminate the additional administration required which was a continual drain on resources.

What DB Energy did

DB Energy appraised and reviewed the situation and performed a group tender to all the suppliers in the energy and water markets, secured co-terminus contract end dates with improved portfolio management while sourcing the most favourable rates using our live market intelligence.

Outcome for Client

DB Energy’s strategy delivered savings in excess of £28,000 across gas, electricity and water supplies.

We continue to look after their utilities and our telecoms team has recently delivered a full roll out of wireless card machines across their hotels and restaurants and are now performing a full audit with a view to further reducing costs and increasing service.

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Grateful for the support from DB Energy, they work hard to deliver a strong service and continuously provide solutions.

Gordon Whiting, Managing Director Redwood Leisure

DB Energy’s strategy delivered savings across gas, electricity and water supplies in excess of