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The Client

Knight Frank is an award-winning Property Management company that provides a worldwide service that delivers an excellent and dedicated client services program.

In December 2018, DB Environmental completed the exchange of existing lighting to LED lighting within the IW car parks on behalf of Knight Frank with the aim of increasing lighting and security with an added benefit of reducing their lighting energy consumption and costs.


To reduce CO2 and increases visibility & security by upgrading to LED lighting at the IQ Car Park, Aberdeen 

The IQ building car park is split across 6 levels, 3 main levels and 3 mezzanine levels. The ceiling height varies across the levels with private tenants occupying 4 floors with a further 2 floors managed by NCP offering 24 hour visitor parking. With a central location in Aberdeen the challenge would include restricting the noise levels to local residents, hotels, restaurants and the general public.  Due to the nature of the tenants business the lighting could not be replaced within business hours and drilling was restricted to before 9pm.

What DB Enviro did

DB Group replaced the existing single turn L type 120w fitting with a 5 foot Eco Tripro 40w lamp. Not only did the solution save energy however with an increased spread of light the LED lamps have illuminated the car park offering better vision for drivers moving between floors, increased security and an overall increased user experience.

Outcome for Client

  • Installing LED’s have achieved a 68% reduction in Energy Consumption.
  • In addition, carbon emissions will be reduced by 77.27 tonnes of CO2.
  • Return on Investment will be within 1.6 years with an estimated saving of £95,000 over a 5-year period.

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DB and their sub-contractor were very accommodating and flexible in their approach allowing the project to be completed within an acceptable timescale.  DB Group met the needs of the project and provided a service with very limited disruption to our tenants

Sandra MacDonald, Site Building Manager

68% reduction in energy consumption, 77.27 ton of carbon emissions reduced

Saving of £95,000 over 5 years

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