George Watson’s College

The Client

George Watson’s College is an independent Edinburgh Merchant Company School located on a 50-acre campus in south west Edinburgh providing education to children from the ages of 3-18.


As a significant consumer of energy and water, the School is obviously keen to keep costs low whilst maintaining continuity of service and supply. DB Water sourced the most cost effective solution for the School’s water supplies and services, following which the School instructed DB Energy to provide the same service for their energy portfolio, taking into account not just price, but also environmentally friendly factors. This required correct market timing and intelligence in order to achieve best results along with key relationships with green suppliers in the marketplace.

DB Energy also worked with the School to achieve compliance with ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) which is an EU directive to identify all cost saving / energy reduction opportunities within the campus. DB Energy continues to work with the School in developing its M&E strategy for the campus and this has included exploring the feasibility of green generation options including solar and biomass.

What DB Energy did

DB Energy successfully negotiated with all suppliers in the market to secure favourable contracts in a highly volatile market. DB Energy also project managed compliance with ESOS, working with ECO 3 to complete the ESOS submission and has continued to work with the School to explore solar and biomass solutions. DB Energy continues to Account Manage all energy queries for the School whilst providing bill validation and budgeting services to keep a tight control on efficiency and cost.

Outcome for Client

DB Energy continue to account manage all energy queries for the School whilst providing bill validation and budgeting services to keep a tight rein on efficiency and cost.

We are currently helping to upgrade their electricity meters as part of new industry legislation for large consumers.

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